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Cai Lao and Cai Yiming felt that the flowers at the moment suddenly jumped out of Ruxiao Nan’s side and a big black dog shook its tongue and rushed to the forest.

"Xuan Yu!" Qing mo Yan drank with it.
Xuanyuma rushed into the forest with five dead men.
Cai Lao Cai Yiming was surprised that when they came to their senses, Xuanyu had already carried the killed wild boar back.
RuXiaoNan excited to jump from the carriage.
Green ink Yan moved faster than her and directly fished her up.
RuXiaoNan two calves in half waving "what are you doing let me go!"
"Don’t move" Green Ink Yan whispered in her ear, "I’ll let Xuanyu send you what you want, and don’t let Cai Lao and them know about it."
RuXiaoNan this just quiet.
Xuanyu and others threw wild boar to the ground.
Cai Lao and others are coming to look at the huge wild boar and sigh.
"What about the four herbalists?" Cai Yiming asked
"Escaped" Xuanyu Daoqing Moyan told him to kill wild boar, but he didn’t let them save people, so he didn’t pay attention to the whereabouts of the four herb gatherers.
On that day, everyone had a delicious roast boar, and even stupid dogs were given a big piece to eat.
Green ink Yan later quietly brought the wild boar teeth to RuXiaoNan.
Two days later, the team finally came to Shifang Town.
However, as soon as they entered the town, they were surrounded by a group of people. Someone pointed at their carriage and shouted, "That’s them! That’s them!"
Chapter 132 Tigers don’t smell dogs barking. Good men forgive me.
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The carriage of Qing Mo Yan and others just entered Shifang Town and was surrounded by a group of people.
"That’s them!" A strange man pointed to their carriage. "They took our prey in the forest!"
Cai Lao Cai Yiming showed his head to explain a few words.
But green ink yan their carriage did not even stop directly from those people drove into the stone square town.
"Green male?" Cai Yiming anxiously called.
"Let’s go to find the inn first," said Qing Mo Yan lightly, and then put the car curtain and didn’t care about the residents who were pointing around and walked first.
Cai Lao nai explained to the man for a long time, and when they came to the inn, Qing Mo Yan and they had already settled down.
Ru Xiaonan changed his body and dressed as a man, just like a little man with ink hair tied behind his head and a hair band.
Blue ink yan also changed clothes easy to move led RuXiaoNan out of the inn.
"Green male, where are you going?" Cai Yiming puzzled way
"Out of town around" green ink yan light way "want to find a guide"
They were all talking, and the strange man who was clamoring that Qing Mo Yan had robbed their prey appeared again. "It’s that they robbed us in the forest and finally caught wild boar. They should be careful when they see them in the forest with their big family."
As the man shouted and watched, more and more people gathered.
Cai Lao would face with his son. "Didn’t I explain it to you? We were passing by to see you being chased by wild boars and running for your lives before we helped …"
The man grabbed his neck. "You’re talking nonsense. The four of us worked hard in the forest for two days and two nights before we caught you and robbed you!"
Cai Yiming looked at the green ink and smiled bitterly. "Did you see the green male? Didn’t let you help the result or … "
"Hey, what’s your name?" Green ink yan didn’t mouth he followed RuXiaoNan is CuiShengSheng pointed to the importune strange man.
"You … are you asking me?" The man was a little surprised, too. His side shouted and shouted for a long time, and there was not even any reaction here.
"My name is Shi Datian."
RuXiaoNan burst out laughing like a bell ringing in the audience’s heart.
"That’s an interesting name. Let’s take him as a guide." RuXiaoNan raised her face and said to QingMo Yan.
Sincere tone, even Cai’s father froze.
Is this kid out of his mind? This guy is spreading rumors that you robbed their prey, and you want to hire him as a guide.
Blue ink yan eyes flashing flash point nodded "good".
On the contrary, it is Shi Datian’s turn to be uneasy.
"Are you kidding me? I said you robbed us …"
"I know, I know, if you have something to say now, just come out of town with us. We want to look around. We’ll just pay how much commission you need to be a guide." Xuanyu interrupted impatiently
Looking at XuanYu purse in his hand, Shi Datian swallowed saliva.
But I can’t guess what these people really want to do.
It is normal for him to make such a noise like Cai Lao and his father to react.
But seeing this, the man is not annoyed or angry, and he is taking this child … it’s just a girl. How can he take the child out to such a dangerous forest?
"Are you going or not?" Xuanyu stared at Shi Datian’s immobility. "If you don’t go, we’ll find someone else."
"Go, go, I’ll go." Shi Datian even stuttered. He couldn’t believe it was true.
Residents of Shifang Town who are watching around are talking about it.
What the hell is going on here?
Just now, I was arguing that these people robbed Shi Datian, and their prey suddenly became a guide.
I don’t know who in the crowd hummed, "Do you believe what Shi Datian said?"
"… by the way, he also said that Qingshui Village people robbed their prey."
"It’s not another time that the new town drug dealer picked up his medicine basket …"
There is more and more talk around, and the forehead is sweating.
"Hey, don’t talk nonsense."
Just now, they glared at each other at the blue ink Yan, and the residents would ridicule Shi Datian.
"Can we believe a liar like you? Go and be a guide to others, even if you want to take them to the wild boar’s nest."
"This gentleman sees that you are new here and we are kind enough to wake up. Don’t trust this man. His mouth is smoother than oil, so be careful to be cheated by him." Someone kindly advised Qing Mo Yan.
Qing Mo Yan smiled faintly. "We might as well just walk around and not go too far."
Shi Datian became angry from embarrassment and shouted and scolded to catch up with the surrounding residents.
Cai Lao and Cai Yiming are there, and their hearts feel indescribably complicated.
A dispute was thus resolved.
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However, while eating at Aunt Maria’s home, he was very warm when chatting with the old Grand and the young Grand.

He knew why Aunt Maria came to invite him to dinner at this time, because he was worried that the neighbors here would look at him strangely because he thought he had lost the game.
She wants to let Changsheng know that no matter whether the team’s performance is good or bad, it will not affect their friendship.
But she didn’t say it directly. During the whole dinner, she didn’t mention a word about it, and even Grant and his son didn’t say a word about the game.
This is not easy for a father who is a fanatical fan.
In the end, Changsheng couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took the initiative to talk about the game.
"Don’t be like this, Uncle Grande and Little Grande. In fact, the game was just lost." He had to explain to two nervous and worried fans.
Hearing that Changsheng took the initiative to explore the pizza, the two men suddenly came to the spirit, and Changsheng could even see that their eyes obviously lit up.
"That is that is! We never doubted you, Chang! " Old Grande smiled and agreed.
Little Grand frowned and said, "Our opponents are direct competitors in the next two games … those are two games worth six points! Often, you are sure, right? "
Changsheng nodded: "Of course, I’m sure."
Without the slightest hesitation, his tone was firm and he looked indifferent.
In fact, he has a ghost’s grasp. He didn’t play in the game, and no one knows the result. However, adhering to his always confident performance, even if he is no longer sure, he will say he is sure.
If one day he says he’s not sure … then it’s really the end of the world.
But the two Grands don’t know. They are so confident when they see Chang Sheng as the head coach of the team, so maybe it’s really no problem this time!
Losing a game is nothing …
The next day, outside the first-team training ground in Las Margarita Sports City, many media swarmed in.
These media all want to see the winning jokes.
They think that the reason why Chang Sheng can get the support of fans and clubs is related to his winning.
Once he loses, great pressure will appear, the club will doubt him, and the fans will definitely not support him.
By that time, the media will bombard and bombard again, and winning this bastard will be a betrayal!
They came here today just to see how the fans will treat Chang Sheng.
These reporters can even imagine that many fans gathered at the edge of the training ground and then booed Chang Sheng.
That’s a really … touching scene!
They looked at more and more fans, as if they saw the tragic situation of winning over dying.
When Chang Sheng appeared at the edge of the training ground, all the reporters’ eyes fell on him.
These eyes are obviously gloating.
Journalists have decided to report everything that happened here today in their respective media.
Be sure to let Changsheng lose face and be cornered!
But the next second, all the smug smiles on their faces froze!
Because just after the appearance of Changsheng, a group of fans on the sidelines took the lead in shouting: "Chang! We still support you! "
"Losing only one goal to las palmas is good enough!"
"Ignore what those damn journalists said, they are all a group of bitches! !”
"Yes, I read the words in the media! It’ s simply nonsense! "
"The quality of journalists is worrying! We still trust you more, China Chang! "
Hearing the cries of these fans, the reporters’ faces suddenly became very ugly. They suddenly regretted that they should not have come here!
Mama of, how can you forget, this group of people are all fucking confused by the ever-victorious bastard?
Chang Sheng listened to the sudden voice. Although it was a mess, he couldn’t hear most of it clearly, but he still heard the key words.
These fans are all here to support him.
He suddenly saw the young fan who had asked him for his autograph in the crowd.

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The sound is soft and sweet, which makes people feel comfortable.

Meng Fei shook his head slightly, saying, "My hand and invite Yu Jian to arrange her position at will."
Yes, adults come with me. Women turn around and bow their heads slightly. We respectfully lead the way.
Through the usual corridor, Meng Fei was taken into a secret room, and this is the auction venue on the third floor
On both sides of a long table, there are more than a dozen practitioners. Today, when people come in, their eyes converge instantly, and they are rambling, curious and gloomy, but these dozens of practitioners are all true kings.
Meng Fei’s face didn’t change. He found a seat in that woman’s arrangement and bowed his head slightly and remained silent.
The surrounding cultivation has also returned to the line of sight to restore its appearance.
But it was not long before the chamber of secrets door was once again played two breath successively into Meng Fei eyebrows a wrinkly slightly turned to look into the chamber of secrets, the dark face uniting the face unchanged in the heart but could not help but sink slightly.
But at the moment, it seems that the dark face cultivation can’t hide hostility in Meng Fei’s eyes.
At his side is a young man in his twenties who is handsome in cultivation. At this moment, he surrendered to all the people in the room. The Taoist ancestors came to the auction today to make the little nephew and his elders come back. Don’t take him for granted. His smile is warm and his face is permeated with a kind feeling.
Hey, hey, I haven’t seen the little guy for a while, but you’re stronger. Hong Tianxiao, this old guy has given birth to a good grandson. When you get back, remember to say hello to this old guy. An old man dressed in black has a rickety smile, but his face is shriveled and his face is low and sharp, but it looks terrible.
The younger generation must tell my family that I haven’t seen you for a long time, and if I do, I will return you to our Tianchimen as a guest, and answer with a smile.
Hong Tianxiao is going to break through the pity this time, even if it is repaired. It’s a shame that we are still stepping year after year. Another red-faced man shakes his head and faces Nai.
Elder Huang joked that you, the old man, have improved and improved, even compared with your ancestors. How good is it? This arrogant young man’s voice suddenly attracted a burst of laughter
A few people talk. The young man has found a place in the first place with a bad face. This person’s eyes seem to be ordinary in Meng Fei’s body, but Meng Fei is keenly aware of a chill.
His heart suddenly sank. This young man’s cultivation is just the primary ashes. His roots need to be seen in his eyes, but these true gentlemen are kind to him. Obviously, he is a very background person.
Presumably, his ancestral home is the Hong Tianxiao. According to what he heard at the moment, compulsory should be at the peak of Zhenjun.
A read this Meng Fei heart can’t help but frown, sensing the dark face uniting the bitter eyes. His heart can’t help secretly shaking his head. Who would have thought that this could get into trouble?
But his slight inhalation has put some waves in his heart.
Now that things have come to this, even if it is too late to change, then face it frankly.
Although he doesn’t want to get into trouble, it doesn’t mean he is afraid of it.
Meng Fei bowed his head, but his eyes were faint with cold mountain revolutions before he calmed down.
The long table in the Chamber of Secrets is full of people who are old and immortal, and all of them are sophisticated people.
Youth practice still knows some forbearance, but black-faced practice shows all hatred and hostility in their hearts. However, they easily perceive Meng Fei’s subtlety.
It’s these old people who don’t know how to hang up and wait for the auction calmly.
Bit by bit in the past, about half an hour later, three practitioners arrived. Obviously, most of the people in the Chamber of Secrets are familiar with each other and nodded slightly and took a seat.
After another moment, a ruddy-faced and angry old man pushed the door and handed it to all the people, saying, I’m sorry to have kept you Taoist friends waiting. It’s time for our horse auction.
The old man in Baoshan wants you to bring something nice this time. Don’t let us wait for half a day, but we haven’t waited for half a year at the long table.
Ha ha, friends, rest assured that this auction of our cat house will not let everyone down. The old Baoshan man smiled with his eyes swept proudly on both sides and smiled.
Today, most of them are old friends, but some of them are new friends. The auction rules say that auction treasures, crystal or equivalent treasures can be directly entered in the jade card in front of your seat, and the bidding price is high.
Specific matters wait until the auction is not fair, but the old lady will not continue to delay the second auction of the cat house. With a wave of his hand, he waved his hand and the jade plate flashed directly to the long table.
The blue jade plate is quietly placed with a dark red stone, and the fine forbidden runes turn quickly in the stone to seal its breath.
The faces of the Johnson at the long table changed at the same time, but they could feel the breath coming from this stone.
Firestone array takes ten thousand years to compress the power of submarine volcano into a volcano, and it can produce up to ten pieces. Now this stone represents an active mountain, which is a taboo treasure refining method.
But today, this flint comes from an active volcano that is about to erupt. Baoshan’s old man’s eyes swept away. A disposable flint was detonated by the true qi, instantly released and compressed to the extreme strength, which is comparable to the limit. The real gentleman hit the price of one million crystal, and you can get a price.
The first auction attracted the attention of cultivation.
Meng Fei’s eyes rested on the flint heart and secretly lamented that the dead sea area could think that this method of dividing the submarine volcanic power to refine treasures was really amazing because of the poor cultivation resources.
This method was unheard of in the Astral World.
This flint is also a treasure. Even if you have another card in your hand, practicing and killing at the same level is equivalent to being invincible, and you can even reverse the war and save your life in a critical moment.
Of course, this treasure auction attracted many cultivation competitions.
Meng Fei glanced at it and bowed his head again. Although it was good, it was not very attractive to him.
However, the competition for this treasure is still fierce. Every old monster has a jade card in front of him, which means that he can enter his own price, but one party can know it.
Two women around Baoshan old man will report the highest bid price in the low head statistics, so that the auction can consider whether to continue the bid.
This method can hide the identity of the auction to the greatest extent, so that people can know who took the treasure and get into trouble afterwards.
2.13 million Ling Jing female repair light oral report the highest price.
At the long table, many Johnson scowled, their eyes swept around, but they didn’t notice anything strange.
These geeks can hide their own thoughts.

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Chapter 30 I can do more magic than dragons

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Do you mean that this strange wolf will grow into a lizard, Long Luna, and as soon as Long Tang Yi scattered in her mind, the appearance of the Western Dragon immediately appeared?
When I heard that the dragon turned into a big lizard in Tang Yi’s mouth, Luna curled her pie discontentedly. What are you talking about? It’s not a lizard dragon, but a real dragon. Fortunately, it can be cultivated into a ten-level Warcraft in the future. Ten-level Warcraft is a beast like you. Then it can become human. Ha ha ha.
Befeimos, is this strange wolf so powerful? Tang Yi took a look at this strange wolf in surprise. I didn’t expect this thing to be high-grade goods. If you listen to Luna’s tone, it should belong to the category of price treasure. Once again, Tang Yi took a look at this strange wolf and said how much it is worth.
What kind of money is it? It’s a valuable treasure. Do you think that in the future, its descendants will be at least World of Warcraft, although they are not pure blood? Do you think people will be stupid enough to sell it?
Is that so? But it’s a valuable treasure. Then Tang Yi finally sighed naively, but it’s valuable again and can’t be taken away. It’s just that it can be changed to another province and several castles, and it’s impossible to exchange it for something. What are you going to do with it?
Lolita, you don’t have a familiar, do you? Sign it quickly, quickly, quickly, hahaha, and Luna eagerly lifted Lolita, who was still in a daze, jumping with her feet and pointing to Bephemos, who was bound by Rikujoukourou.
What are you doing? Did Sister Luna sign the contract? But I’m not ready to summon the magic circle. I’m so sleepy. I yawned. Lolita got up and followed Luna blankly.
Tang Yi San hasn’t paid much attention to it yet, but now Lolita has actually taken off her magic robe. She seems to have been in the room all the time. When will she change clothes? But it’s pleasing to the eye. Lolita is wearing pajamas. Tang Yi San once saw one of them in a video magazine. It’s almost like a shirt with wide cuffs. Black silk cloth is slightly loosely draped around the cuffs, and the white chest is protruding along a pink striped neckline.
Pushed his glasses Tang Yi scattered turned to look at Bei Fei moss still tied to the ground Peng Ouch.
Tang Yi scattered Tan Tan looked at the head of Befeimos to avert suspicion, but suddenly I heard Luna exclaim. When he saw it, now the big lady squatted on the ground clutching her nose and forehead. Where did she moan and groan? But Luna walked in a hurry and hit the ghost wall. Where can I see Luna? She didn’t know that if she broke two layers of pipes, she would bump into Tang Yi, so she forgot to tell them this thing.
Tang, I hate you so much. My nose hurts. Holding my nose, Luna’s wand has already been thrown aside when she is holding her nose. Lolita saw this picture of Luna and immediately covered her mouth with a giggle. The two groups of disproportionate breasts on her chest also trembled endlessly. Just now, that little sleepiness had already gone to nowhere.
Smiling lightly, Tang Yisan stretched out his hand and touched the wall, and now he won’t lift the skill effect. He touched his chest in a hurry and inquired about it, and then the low meditation effect was lifted.
A dim light flashed across the ghost tunnel wall and disappeared. Looking at Beifeimos, he still released the five-pillar iron penetration again. Compared with Rikujoukourou, the enemy needed more strength when struggling, but because this skill was too big and too eye-catching, it was more frequently used by people in Rikujoukourou.
Lolita finally stopped laughing and squatted beside Luna. She touched her nose with one hand and said, "Does Sister Luna still hurt?"
Forget it. Wait a minute. Go and sign a contract with Befeimos. Stare at Tang Yi ruthlessly. Luna covers her forehead and pulls Tang Yi away. She looks at Lolita waving a small magic wand in front of Befeimos and singing magic spells.
On one side Tang Yi looked at Lolita wrapped in black silk pajamas and suddenly felt a little strange. She sang magic spells and couldn’t understand them.
After being summoned to this world, Tang Yi San has never heard of this world language, but now he can not only understand the meaning of their words, but also casually say that they have the same language. If he hadn’t deliberately spoken Chinese, he would have spoken this world language. He felt as if he had come to know this world language, but it was strange that he was himself, but the earth people, which foreign language was strange that he could not only understand it, but also speak it as if he had a translator in his head.
Now Lolita sings magic spells, but she can’t understand them, which makes him a little strange. Luna was able to understand them when she sang spells just now.
Luna, I have a question for you.
Tell me what the problem is, a kind master, and I will answer it. I took a grumpily look at Tang Yi, and Luna snorted and said that it was a familiar but it happened to become human.
Luna hem Tang Yi scattered but heard clearly, and he knew that no matter what he said, it was estimated that this little girl wouldn’t believe it after the opportunity, and then slowly explained what Tang Yi scattered and said, I can understand your language. You know, for you, I am a plane away.
Well, it’s very simple. I’m your master. You can’t understand me. How can I command my pet to fight? Luna blinked and suddenly seemed to think of something. By the way, what kind of magic can you do? I think you seem to have several kinds of magic. Does the beast have a lot of magic?
Again, I’m not a psychic. I want to emphasize again that I’m not Warcraft, or I gave up. Now I emphasize this problem, and I know a lot of magic, well, more than dragons
More than dragons? Luna’s eyes are full of surprises. I can’t believe that my familiar is so arrogant that there are more magic than dragons. You should know that the top race of the dragon continent can’t just refer to the phoenix as the word Warcraft. The dragon has become a separate ethnic group, which is different from the word Warcraft. After all, the real dragons are highly intelligent, and they are even more intelligent and powerful than some humans, which makes the dragon unable to simply belong to the category of Warcraft.
The dragon magic of a huge ethnic group is a world-famous powerful magic, dragon magic and ancient magic all belong to that kind of extraordinary magic, and the number category of dragon magic is no less than that of human magic. It is estimated that there are a thousand kinds of magic, and Tang Yi is so arrogant to say that there are more than dragons, even if he is bragging, that’s a lot.
Laugh so tough that Luna may swallow a mouthful of saliva and look at Tang Yi with flashing eyes. Are you sure there are more dragon magic than dragons, but there are thousands less? Maybe two thousand.
A thousand spells? No more, no more. Well, I often have very little magic now, but the magic adds up to more than two thousand. But those spells need to be prepared. Tang Yi is still singing unknown spells. Lolita touched the bar and said that it is true that all the skills are counted as Tang Yi. It is not impossible to know that the skills add up to ten thousand or even hundreds of thousands. After all, if you can record your brain skills, you may also record your game skills. You know, human imagination is very rich.
Wow, that’s so much. You can’t be lying to me, can you teach me two thousand kinds of magic and listen to Luna’s saliva? Although I think Tang Yi is bragging, he is a god beast. God knows if it’s really so much.
Chapter 31 God I don’t kneel
Ps, tickets come at 7: 30 on Monday, and it will be late at night, and then it will be more conventional at 4: 30.
Luna, you haven’t told me anything yet. Can I understand your language? Tang Yi saw Luna slow to speak. She gave her a surprised look, but now the big lady looks excited. Her bright brown eyes seem to be shining with bright stars. Her left hand is leaning on a magic wand, and her right index finger is wrapped in a wisp of purple silk. I don’t know what she is thinking.
Well, you can understand our language because of me. Wizards sign contracts. After signing contracts, wizards from other places can be familiar with the language, that is to say, you can understand as many languages as I know. Miss Li is very powerful. Oh, I am familiar with dozens of other languages except some remote languages. How powerful? Luna shook her little fist and emphasized her extraordinary language talent.

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May 29, 2024
When Jin Nuanyu said goodbye and prepared for Dr. Li to get up and leave, Li Yueling suddenly said that Miss Jin would stay.

After a strange look at Li Yueling, Jin Nuanyu said, this man didn’t act like a pervert like other men after meeting Miss Li, but it’s not that he wants to date himself, is it? So he’s waiting to touch a rebuff.
Well, I want to ask Miss Yijin if she bought this ginseng for hiding or medicine.
I didn’t expect Li Yueling to ask such a question. Jin Nuanyu was slightly disappointed. Did he have no attraction for this man who seemed to shine in his eyes? But the idea was a flash. Jin Nuanyu immediately calmly replied, I’m sorry, Mr. Li. But you can teach Xiao Bobo that he will give you the answer. Goodbye.
After seeing Jin Nuanyu leave, Li Yueling returned to the excitement of millions of petty bourgeoisie. Xiao Houyuan couldn’t help but ask Yue Ling, did you ask people to go to Wang Gan?
In fact, Li Yueling couldn’t tell why he would ask such a question, but he was embarrassed to scratch his head. Xiao Bobo, you also saw such a beautiful big beauty. Can you say a few more words? Hey hey, then Li Yueling deliberately cut in and said, Xiao Bobo, how can you find such a big buyer as Jinyutuan? Listen to what that big beauty called you just now, as if you are quite familiar with it.
Xiao Houyuan laughed. A few years ago, I treated Grandpa Nuanyu, that is, Jin Tiequn, the chairman of Jinyutuan. Besides, not long ago, the Kim family wanted to buy my wild ginseng. On that day, you said that they reported a high price of 380,000 yuan.
Here Li Yueling nods that Xiao Bobo, you should know that it is a good place for Kim to buy ginseng, right?
It seems that it’s really not enough to satisfy your curiosity. Xiao Houyuan sighed and said, it’s also a good man like Master Kim who has a rare and strange disease. I don’t know more about the details of what you bought for Master Kim.
Dad, what are you talking about? Xiao ran with a face of excitement in the wind.
Nothing is worth your happiness. Li Yueling smiled at Xiao with a bad face.
After pulling up an armchair, Xiao proudly told you with the wind. Just now, that beautiful woman looked back at me and smiled at me. Maybe it meant something to me.
Li Yueling suddenly fainted when he heard the news. It seems that the former beauty also smiled at me like this. Also, your father and the gray-haired doctor Li talked with such a smile. Is this called fraternity?
What can you do if you make me vain? Xiao followed the wind and left the pie mouth. Then he said that the richest man is going to be happy today. It’s time to add up. After saying that, he pulled up Li Yueling and told Xiao Houyuan that I wouldn’t come back for dinner tonight and ripped him off.
Chapter VI happy ever after I
When Li Yueling successfully withdrew 200,000 cash from China Bank, Xiao immediately dragged Li Yueling into a private club on South China Road with the wind.
From the appearance, it is dark red, the exterior wall is ugly, and the old-fashioned design can enter the room, but Li Yueling can’t help but be surprised. Just now, I saw it outside. It’s a world of difference. Because Li Yueling is always engaged in real estate sales, he also has a good eye for the advantages and disadvantages of decoration design. When I saw the super-luxury decoration design in this private club, Li Yueling pulled Xiao Fengfeng and asked if you often come to this place.
Which ah, today is the first time Xiao Fengfeng replied while looking at the decoration of the meeting hall.
Then where did you get the membership card? Although Li Yueling has never held such a high-end private meeting in the future, he can still know something from the exposure of the media and newspapers. A place like this is definitely a place where money is sold and money is sold. Xiao Feng’s economic strength is absolutely impossible.
This card was given to my dad by the boss of a group company, but as you know, my dad couldn’t have come to a place like this even if he was killed, so it’s cheaper for you and me. But I had a hard time secretly turning it over last night. Xiao Fengfeng shook the gold-plated and silver-plated membership card in his hand.
Li Yueling nai shook his head and said, When did you become so bad when you were young?
At this time, a beautiful girl approached the two men, bowed and said in a sweet voice, gentlemen, please ask if it is your first time to come to happy ever after.
How do you know Xiao blurted out with the wind
The girl smiled and said, sir, your membership card is an A-level VIP card that has not been cleared yet, and the two handsome guys look very unfamiliar, so I boldly speculated that one
Not the kui is a high-end student who is not only good-looking but also very home. Since this is the trouble for you to come to our guide, Li Yueling winked at Xiao with the wind and smiled at the girl. This is also the principle of Li Yueling’s always being a person. Can you miss the opportunity to enjoy a money?
This should be my two workers. Come with me to complete the card formalities, and then I will slowly introduce them to the two girls. The girl smiled and led Li Yueling Xiao to the northwest corner of the hall with the wind.
This private club in happy ever after has four types of membership from high to low, namely, S-class, A-class, B-class, C-class and C-class members, who need to join the club for 500,000 yuan. B-class members on the first floor and the second floor need to join the club for 1 million yuan. A-class members on the first floor and the third floor don’t need money alone, but they need a rich man with a net worth of 50 million yuan to join the club for 2 million yuan. The requirement for the top S-class members on the first floor and the fourth floor is simple.
When Miss Taiwan told Xiao that the A-level membership card in his hand had been cleared, Li Yueling directly reported a bank account and transferred 2 million to the card. Because all the money was in Li Yueling’s card, Xiao Fengfeng insisted on hanging the card in Li Yueling’s name. Of course, Li Yueling had to fill in a detailed personal information. After listening to the explanation given by the young lady just now, Li Yueling didn’t want to be ugly here, but it was even worse when Li Yueling spent all his money on it. After all, it didn’t hurt at home.
After completing the transfer formalities, the girl next to Li Yueling was introduced to set up bars, Chinese and Western restaurants, KV private rooms and other entertainment facilities on the first floor, while the second floor was modeled after the mirage of Las Vegas’s most famous casino hotel. There was no limit on the size of the bets, and there were 66 VIP private rooms on the third floor. Of course, the private rooms were full of various features, including the meaning. The fourth floor was an auction house, and various auctions were held from time to time. There were many precious arts and rare cultural relics, and even national treasures animals had to be auctioned. The girl was not poor at the fifth floor.
Five old heads were drawn from the briefcase and given to the girl as a teenager. After she sent them away, Li Yueling Xiao walked into the Chinese restaurant in the southeast corner of the lobby on the first floor with the wind.
After sitting down, Xiao Feng said with a face of apology, Yueling, I didn’t know that this place would kill you so much.
Li Yueling interrupted him and said, "What is this? Money is a king’s egg. It’s worth spending even if you spend 5 million today. Let’s order something to eat. Let’s have a good time after eating."
Xiao Fangfeng is also a person who sees Li Yueling’s indifference and doesn’t say anything more disappointing. He ordered a dozen dishes and a bottle of Maotai, and two people swept away the delicacies before the table until the taste was not enough. It is estimated that the two will continue.
Li Yueling called the restaurant student and gave him the membership card to check out. When the student sent the card back, Li Yueling gave him another two hundred dollars, and then Xiao went to the restaurant with the wind.
Next, how do you say that Xiao takes Li Yueling’s shoulder with the wind in alcohol? Xiao’s cheek with the wind is now a little flushed. On the other hand, Li Yueling has no symptoms of discomfort after drinking, as if he had just drunk half a bottle of cold white. Even Li Yueling wondered that although his capacity for liquor was really good, he didn’t reach the point where half a bottle of white wine was fart. Is it because he practiced the foundation of heaven?
That also asked Li Yueling pointed to the nearby sightseeing elevator, satiated with food and then it was gambling. We are all men, so we can’t ask the men to go without gambling.
Take the ladder to the second floor. Li Yueling Xiao was startled by the scale of the casino in front of him. More than 100 square meters were strewn at random, resulting in 30 gambling tables. All kinds of gambling tools have only been seen in the movie plot, and there are hundreds of panda machines around. Bunny dresses up and shuttles among people from time to time to meet the needs of some guests. Of course, small is indispensable.
Chapter VII happy ever after II
It’s an incredible thing to set up such a large-scale casino in the international metropolis, which is the key care of the country. At present, that’s what Li Yueling Xiao thinks with the wind
Gambling seems to be a bad habit of human beings. Men, women and children are seldom, just like a child under the age of ten, they often say a word. I bet that although this gambling is not the other, it is also a manifestation of human gambling nature subconsciously.
At this time, Li Yueling has swiped the card for five hundred thousand chips and distributed them to Xiao Fengfeng. After half, the two men went to find the direction.
Li Yueling chose a craps table, because it is the easiest way to gamble directly, and Li Yueling can decide whether to win or lose with one hand.
There are more people around this table than other tables. Li Yueling managed to find a son and squeezed in. That’s why there are so many gamblers at this table. I didn’t expect Lotus Officer to be a woman and the kind of person who makes men unconsciously shine with beautiful women and add beautiful women to Lotus Officer’s eyes. Of course, Li Yueling also followed the general’s eyes to the beautiful lotus officer’s nearly bare chest and stared at it hard.
The beauty lotus official seems to have been very used to the men’s eyes with alternative meanings, and they have no intention of buying and leaving.
Li Yueling made a few bets, but it didn’t seem to be very lucky. Before long, half of his chips were left in his hand. He hesitated. When he was a child, he was pushed behind him. Looking back, he was a fat guy who hit himself. Li Yueling didn’t care much, but when he saw Li Yueling looking at himself, he turned out to be arrogant. If he didn’t have money to gamble, he would flash away. Don’t occupy the toilet.

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