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Meng Fei laughed and didn’t dare the ancient witch country’s body-refining skills to be unique in all worlds. How can I live up to my capture of the flying die if I don’t go to see it well?

In the next two days, Meng Fei Bai Longma’s blood and ghost members have a good flight control method
On this day, the flying die started and came to a vast desert.
It’s hot, and the dust on the ground rolls, but at first glance, it makes people feel a lot wider.
In some oases, the blue waves are vast and the breezes are sparkling. Xu Lai has a moist taste, which is indeed a rare beauty for people sailing in the desert.
A special flying die of the ancient witch country knocked on the door and sailed in the dusty desert without any trouble.
Sailing all the way to noon, flying away, we have sailed into the vast desert. Looking around, there are undulating sand dunes. At a glance, thousands of miles are magnificent, and a few unknown huge birds are singing and flying, and we can no longer see the margin.
Xuanyuan quietly embarked on a voyage to the ancient witch country ten days ago.
For this voyage, Meng Fei also specially selected a dozen talented teenagers from the Blue Dream Astral World to let them control the flying die, and all the way was guided by Yi Qingwu as a guide to the ancient witch country.
At about noon, Feidie entered the Green Sea sandbar.
Green sea sandbar is one of the four major sand seas in the world of thousands of stars. If you want to return to Terran or turn to the ancient witch country, Meng Fei must pass through this green sea sandbar.
The edge of the desert is connected with hundreds of ethnic groups on the edge by several huge shahes.
However, because its area is too vast and densely covered with many oases, people used to call it the green sea sandbar, not to mention the Zhongsha nationality entrenched in it.
It takes about half a year to reach the territory of the ancient witch country by relying on this flying die to cross this desert. Of course, it takes about one or two months to start the acceleration device.
As soon as I entered the Green Sea Shazhou, Meng Fei and Bai Longma were particularly novel about sailing in the sand sea, and I have been enjoying the vastness and magnificence of the sand sea on the skylight deck.
But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, I’m always tired of watching it for a long time.
On the fourth day, Meng Fei went back to the cabin alone to meditate.
There are dangers in the world of thousands of stars, and we must seize every moment to try our best to improve our own strength.
After meditating for dozens of weeks, it was night arrival when we walked through the hatch.
It’s a nice day, and Feidie didn’t encounter any storms all the way.
At this time, a light breeze and a bright silver moon hung in the half, and the temperature dropped. Many unknown sand beasts suddenly jumped on the sand surface.
The birds in the sky are chirping and singing, and the white wings are like flashing across the dark night. The night wind is warm, moist and comfortable.
Seeing Meng Feilai practicing flying on the distant deck, a teenager immediately came over and reported what happened during the day.
Because the people who fly the plane are all captured, the guides of the ancient witch countries are also big prisoners, Yi Qingwu must guard against it or not. After Meng Fei closes, all the realms are bloody. This master is responsible for the assistance of ten blue dreams and astral teenagers.
This is the tenth day of sailing, and the prisoners in the ancient witch country are very obedient to Yi Qingwu, and it is like letting go of the former lady’s frame and honestly directing the flying die to advance. She leads the route smoothly.
In the evening, the teenagers of Meng Fei Blue Dream Star World enjoyed an open-air barbecue dinner on the deck.
It’s a day in a blink of an eye.
The next morning, the weather was still sunny, and the ups and downs of the sand sea in Wan Liyun were refreshing and there were no signs of wind.
The named Xuanyuan Feidie finally started the power transmission system to speed up sailing in the sand sea.
Meng Fei kept himself in the secret cabin at night except during the day when he instructed the Blue Dream and the Astral Youth to practice martial arts.
Another day has passed.
The Xuanyuan, which was propelled by the power transmission system, sailed a few million kilometers in the vast sand sea.
It’s still a quiet day. The prisoners of war in the ancient witch country are very obedient and have no intention of resisting. They also seem to be eager to return to their own territory and work very hard to control the flying die.
Xuanyuan hasn’t been in trouble since the beginning.
When night falls, silver moon shines on the heavens and the earth, and a piece of silver frost glistens like pieces of broken silver spread on the sand sea.
Meng Fei is looking at the distance from the flying deck, thinking about how to fight in the ancient witch country, and plans to get his hands on the one-step alchemy.
However, at this moment, a few thousand meters away, more than a dozen huge black shadows appeared in the sand sea, and the blue light beams scattered in the pupils watched and disappeared in the vast sand sea.
Sand beast
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Demon Chapter nine hundred and forty-four Abnormal
Meng Fei felt a slight movement in his heart, and his sixth sense made him feel the strange atmosphere hidden in the calm sand. These days, the voyage has been very smooth, but it is too smooth, but it is difficult to detect the agitation. What will happen to this voyage?
Those strange sand creatures were never seen again last night.
At dawn, Meng Fei returned to the capsule from the deck and entered meditation, striving to further increase his strength and increase some certainty when entering the ancient witch country.
It is absolutely inappropriate for him to show up in the ancient witch country if he wants to get the most magical body-building skills in the ancient witch country and can dance lightly from Iraq, because all the ethnic groups believe in non-Chinese heresy.
Meng Fei’s strength wants to be hard in the ancient witch country, but it can’t be hard. Since it doesn’t work, it can be soft
Six hours later,
In the state of retreat, Meng Fei is going to the deck to get some air. Who knows that the front foot just walked into the cabin and heard an alarm outside. The prisoners in the ancient witch country screamed and screamed, and then a flying die suddenly shook violently as if it had hit a monster.
Meng Fei facial expression, a shape, a flash, and everyone is on the deck now.
The sand beast is an abyss sand beast. Damn it, we met a terrible abyss sand beast deck. A naked and lean prisoner of the ancient witch country screamed in panic, and his face was pale and he tried to escape into the hatch.
Just after a few steps, a huge soft scarlet tentacle with a diameter of more than one meter rolled him up and rolled him towards the sand sea.

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