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The wind blows and the rain falls like a wounded child sobbing.

The purple eye pupil of the night passes through pity, but it is quickly captured, because he is absolutely cold and curved and does not need pity from others.
Be a prime minister
It was his cold curved lips that evoked a cruel smile, but he knew what would happen today. She shouldn’t have let him go. Today is the time for him to pay the price.
Back to the palace
Leng Ling threw words at several people and she said
Four teenagers at night followed the people who went to Lengfu, and they were sent back by Lengwan.
It’s raining harder and harder, and it’s dripping on the ground.
Rain drops from glazed cornices along the eaves.
Imperial room Long Xianxiang is filled with.
Xuanyuan looked up at the window at night and stared at the death of the wet nurse outside. But he also knew that he was afraid of bending. Now he must be very sad. He really wanted to rush to the palace and stay by her side. But during the day, his princess lived in the temple of the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother worried that his palace would be shocked when she returned to the palace. Although he could ignore the Queen Mother’s obstruction, he knew more about his identity. If the general office was afraid that it would make others take more measures to disturb the funeral of the wet nurse.
Empress Huang has returned to the palace.
Xu Mao came in holding the dust and reported that he was nearly fifty years old, but he was still hale and hearty in the first black eunuch robe.
Bend back Xuanyuan night suddenly raised his head to where?
I’ve reached the cold corner, stepped into the imperial room, and wore a filial piety towel, and she became more and more conspicuous.
Xu Mao retreated to one side and shook his head. He hesitated because the empress was so dressed up that it was too inappropriate. What’s more, it was bound to arouse public criticism that she should go to Dai Xiao, a domestic servant.
Bend Xuanyuan one leng at night, then stride across to her, stare at her with deep eyes and ask anxiously, are you okay?
Cold bend a sip lip looked up and looked at him straight.
Emperor, I want something from you.
What Xuanyuan night doesn’t understand the hatred at the bottom of the curved eyes, which is shocking, but she will agree to what she wants.
I want Lin to inherit my life.
Chapter seventy-seven Between people
I want Lin to inherit my life.
As soon as the cold and curved words fell, Xuanyuan suddenly froze at night. This forest inherited from the elders of the two dynasties. It is not easy to suddenly move him down. What is more important is how to kill him because of bending.
I want an answer, yes or no, with a wave of my robe sleeve, I said coldly, although Bai Lin inherited his position in the court, it is still easy to take his life. What will bring trouble to the court is not a problem. He wants to unify her, but he can do it now. What is the inheritance of a forest?
Empress, think twice. That prime minister’s adult is a veteran student of the two dynasties. You can’t touch him. Xu Mao can’t help but sweat when he listens to the cold words. This is not a small matter except the prime minister’s order of a country. How can an empress go her own way regardless of the country?
Bend can I ask the reason? Xuanyuan night looked up and looked at the whole body and smelled of cold crime, she asked
Answered the destitution’s cold bent lip
Xu Mao couldn’t help shivering when the cold words fell. Does he know the position of the nurse in the queen’s mind? Is it that the nurse died as Prime Minister Lin?
Some Xuanyuan night nodded, and finally she insisted on taking Lin’s life.
The good bend is the nurse’s revenge. Of course, he can’t stop Geng Nalin from inheriting it. He shouldn’t want to kill the nurse, right? The nurse is suffering for others.
Well, cold, curved, black eyes flashed a light, and Lin inherited you and waited.
The emperor must not wow Xu Mao knelt down and looked solemn. The prime minister is a veteran of the two dynasties. He must not move. He will shake the foundation of the imperial court like that. Will the emperor not be white
The presumptuous slave Xuanyuan glared angrily at Xu Maomo at night, and the pupil flashed with violent light. Do I need you to tell me what to do?
I don’t dare to kowtow to Xu Mao in fear. I hope the emperor can take into account that Jiangshan Ji doesn’t care about Jiangshan because he loves the queen, so that the queen will be called a femme fatale
I didn’t say I wanted the emperor to send someone to arrest Lin Inherit.
Looking at Xu Mao coldly, she slammed her head and said simply that she wanted to know for herself that she could vent her heart and hate ink, and her eyes narrowed slightly to reveal the dangerous and cruel light.
Bend, then you mean that Xuanyuan night confuses her to ask Lin to inherit her life. Don’t you hope that he will abolish Lin’s official position and take off his head nurse for revenge?
Xu Mao also raised his head and his forehead was faintly visible, and his eyes were full of confusion. What does it mean to make the emperor so queen?
The wind blows cold and curved, and the hair flies lightly. She sips her lips and looks at the rain outside the window, word for word.
I’ll take his life myself.
Curved Xuanyuan feels bad at night. He doesn’t want blood on his curved hands. She hates him. She wants her to get rid of Lin’s inheritance, so it’s not hard to carry a bad king’s name.
Empress Xu Mao was also dumb. I didn’t expect the queen to do it herself. Mammy, are you still here? Do you have the heart to see such a queen?
Don’t worry, cold bending interrupts two people’s conversation, and my eyes are cold, so I won’t let people find out it’s me.
All right, I’m leaving. I’ll go back to the palace after the nanny thing is solved
White drag long skirt flying words fell lithe and graceful figure disappeared outside the door.
Didn’t the emperor stop the queen? Xu Mao couldn’t help but ask, is it just for the queen to do that? Will it make trouble?

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