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The four guardians of demons and shadows respect the heads of the people in the room.

Cold man rings, your horses go back to the Ghost Gate, and everyone is stationed around the Ghost Valley. Either one goal is the Ghost Gate.
Four people look a little stiff.
Being stared at by Duan Fei is equivalent to stepping into Yin with one foot.
Why are you afraid of asking questions and switching to feminine women?
The four dharma protectors immediately knelt down and swore allegiance to the ghost gate.
People who have been in the house slowly turned around and suddenly became fragrant.
Glancing at them, she said lazily, where is Lin Moying? Did you find it?
We rushed back to the door when the door owner rushed to the door owner’s signal, but Duan Yishen robbed us. I don’t know where he got the news, but he found the secret passage, but he didn’t find anyone either.
What sweet son cold mi eyes generate a vicious look how is it possible that I threw her into the tunnel? She fled without a reason and then roared, damn it, it’s all because this pair of yin body doesn’t live up to expectations, or she wouldn’t be so lucky
See the door Lord angry charm, that is, calm down before the door Lord calms down. If he changes his posture, he will definitely notice that woman, which is obviously much more difficult to deal with than him.
Hearing his words, Xianger gradually smiled, twisted a wisp of hair, toyed with her face, and showed her daughter’s shyness. Yes, I’m lonely now and I don’t understand martial arts. Xianger haha, I’m not sure that you will be mine sooner or later, and I will get you.
Kuai asked who the key door owner was who might have saved Lin Moying. After all, he knew that there were very few people in the tunnel unless he slowly looked up and exposed that ferocious face, which really built this tunnel.
At the thought of this possibility, Xianger can’t help but cheer up her eyes. You three should immediately go back to the valley to protect the ghosts. You must find Lin Moying when you go to investigate this matter.
Yes, sir. Chapter 14
Xianger slowly walked back to the inn with a basket on her arm.
When Frost saw it, he rushed to meet the past and asked Xianger why it took so long. Besides, it’s dangerous for you to go alone when you’re physically injured.
Hehe, Sister Frost, I’m fine. I’m going to prepare dinner for the young master. Xianger looks pale and walks slowly. Looking at her and going to the kitchen, Frost Nai shakes her head. Ah, it’s all bitter.
It’s getting dark and fragrant. I made a few small dishes and put them in the tray. I smiled and walked to Duan Feifang.
Push the door, young master
Room for one person
She paused carefully, walked in the door and put the food on the table. When she saw it at noon, she still stood there without moving her eyebrows.
Suddenly, the air around her fluctuated strangely, and her eyes suddenly turned back. Duan Fei suddenly looked at her like a lake mirror behind her.
Master Hu, you scared the hell out of Xianger. Xianger patted his chest. Even if he had to punish Xianger, it wouldn’t be like this.
Duan Fei walked over to the table with half closed eyes, glanced at the table and sat down slowly.
Xianger’s eyes are bright and she puts chopsticks before she rushes. All these are made by Xianger’s own kitchen.
Duan Fei silently picked up chopsticks, picked up a bamboo shoot and sent it to his mouth to chew gracefully.
Xianger’s heart is wide and her mouth is wide. Try to ask the young master the taste.
Well, he did, but that was enough to make Xianger very excited. You know, he has never responded to other women except Xiaoxiao.
Then the young master will eat more.
Obsessed eyes are always locked in his elegance and extraordinary side. Yan Tianda can fix himself into an opponent. He can be worthy of Xianger’s man and him.
Duan Fei, this man, she wants to settle.
Soon, he put chopsticks and fragrant son back to his mind and poured a cup of tea and handed it to the young master to moisten his throat.
Look up at her and take a sip.
Xianger will be elated and wait on the side. When he gets up, he will follow him. Xianger massages his parents every day at home. Do you want to try it, young master?
Duan Fei has no words, but Xiang Er knows that this means that he acquiesces in her diligent walk over and puts her little hand on his shoulder with moderate strength.
Gradually, her hand slipped more and more until she came to his thin but strong chest, where she stroked her eyes back and forth vaguely and the luster became more and more ambiguous. A voice in her heart kept shouting that she wanted this man to levy him at all costs.
Suddenly Duan Fei grabbed her hand and pushed her viciously to avoid falling to the ground.
After biting her lip and seeing the indifference in his eyes, she didn’t know where a fire came from, which made her lose her mind and asked why she refused me.
Duan Fei’s red lips seem to lift. You can’t replace her.
A word pricked her heart, which made her always proud. She wanted a higher state of mind. She stared at her cheek and smiled unfathomably, where she began to undress.
In the end, she didn’t want to tear off her chest wrap, so she could not replace her in front of him, and I could do the same.
Duan Fei slowly raised his eyes and his eyes rested on her, but he was strangely calm without seeing the slightest desire for color
Xianger walked towards him with a charming smile, so I couldn’t compete with Miss.
He fixed his eyes on her, and Xianger became more assured of her heart. In the end, Duan Fei was a man. How could a man refuse to face this temptation?
She charmed her eyes and stretched out her white and soft arms at him. Just when she was about to touch him, she was slightly swaying. In the blink of an eye, the person buckled her pulse door in front of her, and her eyes were as clear as skates.
Xianger was frightened to death and struggled to withdraw her hand, young master. What are you doing? You’re hurting me.
Duan Fei has pushed her into the corner with a little effort, and her hand is still holding her gaze and sweeping her naked body. Where did you get the knife wound?

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