Jun 2, 2024
I said you want to break her ribs, don’t you? I’ll combine your five fingers into one first

His body trembled for a long time before he calmed down.
I was about to get up, and he suddenly held my neck and put his hand into my mouth with grass all over his head.
Then I felt something hit me hard in the lower abdomen-maybe it was his knee-and I was beaten back. I knelt on the grass and sweated uncontrollably on my forehead.
Han Cheng gets up slowly at night. Mr. Jiang, you should bully me. This shouldn’t happen.
He bandaged his injured palm with a handkerchief, and his voice was calm. No one should be bullied by nature, and others will be punished. Here, others owe me a lot. I’ll pay first.
He walked slowly towards me.
It can be seen that he is weak, but he walks firmly.
I really want to get myself up. I put my hands on my stomach and supported the ground. I tried my best to get myself up and be hugged behind my back. Shengmei’s head came out of my armpit. She put my arm on her neck and stood me up trembling.
Her hair was messed up and hung freely around her neck and cheeks.
She looked at Han Cheng calmly and said, Han Cheng will be with him later, and we will be together. You can find strength from your pain, and Mr. Fish can let me protect him.
She is so weak and supports me, and she is almost unstable in the face of 1.9 meters tall and extremely strong. Han Chengyue actually said such a thing.
My abdomen is no longer painful. Push her slowly. You go and I’ll solve this king’s egg.
I was about to punch him in the temple when I came behind me. A large group of factory security guards surrounded us.
It looks like a leader rushed in. Why don’t you want to get mixed up? Is it old Yi? It’s Miss Li, Mr. Han. How did you become like this? This is the factory leader who has been waiting for you in the conference room. Why are you here?
Han Cheng smiled at night and accidentally fell. There was no place to help me with my wound.
A lot of local leaders said that Xiao Si would take Mr. Han to the clinic quickly. He saw that I had lost my way again. What are you doing here when you are not in the city?
I also know him. He was here when some friends of the former city procuratorate were drinking. We all had several teas and traveled together later, so we were friends.
Wang Gui, I forgot that you were working in a petrochemical plant, or I would have called you first. I greeted him warmly. He is a Shaoren. When addressing his brother, I usually add the word Gunniu. Because I can’t remember his name, I added this word directly after his surname.
Fish le mei, why didn’t you run to a place like this in the municipal party Committee? He asked me with a puzzled face.
I smiled. I’ve already left. Now I’m living with Miss Li. Wang Gui, come here this time. You can’t talk much. Let’s have tea together in a couple of days.
After greeting, he led us to the conference room.
They negotiated in the conference room that I knew nothing, and I could sit there and stare, but I saw Wang Gui with a certain weight.
I have known him for so long that I never thought that such a self-protective and angry person would become unrecognizable in a formal occasion.
Wang Gui’s glowing voice was sonorous for more than an hour, and he didn’t even say a dirty word. It was very formal and serious, and occasionally he spoke a few words of Korean, which added to the elegant, dignified and tall image. His performance in the casino formed a huge contrast.
The longer you talk about it, the more spiritual Wang Gui becomes. He looks like a young generation and a new rich man. This kind of sex is rare. No wonder he climbs so fast.
I thought to myself, it seems really necessary to drag him to play, maybe it can help Shengmei.
Thinking that the two sides burst into laughter and shook hands with each other seems to have reached a certain consensus. Wang Gui said with a smile that differences will always happen, but everyone is close together. If both sides are sincere enough, such a thing will be achieved. It is urgent to evaluate whether to release the negotiations when Miss Li and Mr. Han are in a hurry. It should be a chance to achieve a breakthrough.
Han Chengwan shook hands and said with a smile that he hoped that a negotiation would be the last time to expect the two sides to succeed together.
I’m too lazy to listen to their nonsense to watch Shengmei.
After Wang Gui quietly made an appointment to have fun together another day, I left the meeting with Shengmei.
After the negotiation, Shengmei didn’t go to the company and took me home directly. I faced the unknown.
She sat on the sofa knees and put her hands together on her legs. Two thumbs supported her. She tilted her head slightly and stared at me.
She looks smaller with her shoulders bent slightly towards the middle.
The room is so quiet that it makes me feel like two statues.
At this time, I need to feel that I am sorry and I am wrong. I shouldn’t hit people and talk to you.

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