Jun 3, 2024
Unusually harsh sound, I can see that the silver light of the broadsword blooms in a sharp shape, and even the sharpness can tear it.

The broadsword purple dragon palm crossed, and then everyone was amazed to see that the huge dragon palm was directly divided into two smooth mirrors at the fracture.
That’s awesome, Zufu
Liu Qingwang looked at this scene with a dignified face. He was also practicing the dragon tactic, but he knew how tough it was to be condensed by the dragon pattern. Then Galindo moved and was pregnant with the dragon keel, which made him practice the dragon tactic, but he didn’t expect his eyes to be split by the big sword. This can not make him feel surprised.
This Zhou Tong is not simple, but don’t underestimate the little brother Lin. Now even the old man can’t see through Zhuli’s eyes and stare at the sky slowly
Liu Qing also nodded slightly. Although he is one step away from the reincarnation, he can still feel the dangerous smell from Lin.
The broadsword split the purple dragon palm, and Zhou Tonggang Y further unfolded the offensive. A light and shadow was fierce, but the purple dragon palm was suddenly plundered and a flash came. Now the fist with purple dragon scales flashing in front of it was infiltrated with filar silk reincarnation fluctuations and angered him.
This offensive is too abrupt, even Zhou Tong’s body is slightly delayed, but when Lin Dong’s Zijin fist is about to fall to the back body, his figure suddenly blurs away.
Fist into the ghosting is saved a however, Lin’s eyes didn’t change at all. Just as the figure was blurred, he turned his backhand and saw that a huge black hole was spreading and the devouring force suddenly broke out, but it was directly tearing the rear away.
And a figure torn by a black hole is exposed in the broken.
The sky Lei Yun instantly condensed a huge impact than Lei Long’s bared teeth, and when Lin moved his palm, Lei Long wrapped his arm in a piece of thunder slurry in his palm.
All this happened when the crackle thundered and the forest moved, and his figure was now, and he was swallowed up by the black hole and pulled Zhou Tong.
Without the slightest hesitation, Lin moved, and the arm with thunder slurry was still running through the heavens and the earth, and the thunder tore and exploded.
Lei Guang in Zhou Tong dark gray S eye pupil rapid amplification at this time even if he held ZuFu is no longer escape.
The thunder plasma arm finally landed on Zhou Tong’s body, and then a rumbling Lin moved his arm into Zhou Tong’s chest, and Lei Guang suddenly overflowed, and then his black robe instantly melted away.
And when he was dressed in a black robe, Lin’s pupil suddenly shrank, and the rear also broke out in horror at this time.
this is
Second watch
A third night will suggest that the day Chapter one thousand two hundred The magic emperor lock.
This is Lin’s eyes rested on that Zhou Tong’s body pupil, but he suddenly tightened his eyes with a thick surprise.
The black robe is not the imaginary flesh and blood, but there is no flesh and blood, but a black S bone moving in that bone. You can see the dense and strange black S lines. These magic lines are wrapped around Zhou Tong’s whole body bones and erased by the method of tarsal maggots.
On the other hand, in the black S skeleton, you can see that it is still beating and dirty, but these dirty things are all dark, and S is obviously eroded to the extreme by magic gas.
What shocked Lin most was a black S heart beating gently at a very slow speed in Zhou Tong’s chest, which was full of evil.
No one could have imagined that it would be such a thrilling scene in that finished head.
In that strange body, you can see the intricate meridians surging in the meridians with silver S light, which is the power of Zufu.
And looking at Zhou Tong’s body, only those meridians have not been eroded by magic gas, which is probably the main reason why he can still move Zufu’s strength.
Black s magic grain weaving in Zhou Tong body faintly seems to have formed a pair of evil magic locks to the extreme, but this magic lock will harm Zhou Tong into this appearance.
This is the magic emperor lock rock surprised at this time abrupt Lin heart rings.
The magic emperor lock what is this Lin move eyebrows a wrinkly quickly asked.
In ancient times, the master had a different fight. The cruel means created by the magic emperor meant that this thing should be added to the body. Then this person will gradually be eroded by his mind, and his god will be blocked in this body forever. Even reincarnation can be achieved. Those demons were afraid that some reincarnation would be strong, and reincarnation would be strong. This magic emperor locked them out of life.
Different magic emperor’s creative means can also give birth to a strong life. Lin’s pupil is miniature, and his heart is dark with horror.
This method is extremely cruel, and it will strip people of their flesh and blood, erode their insides for decades, and then the magic lock will cut off their vitality.
Rock dignified way eye This magic emperor lock is not finished in ancient times, but it is by no means an unusual demon king who can get it. It seems that this yuan gate colludes with that magic prison.

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