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Chapter 30 I can do more magic than dragons

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Do you mean that this strange wolf will grow into a lizard, Long Luna, and as soon as Long Tang Yi scattered in her mind, the appearance of the Western Dragon immediately appeared?
When I heard that the dragon turned into a big lizard in Tang Yi’s mouth, Luna curled her pie discontentedly. What are you talking about? It’s not a lizard dragon, but a real dragon. Fortunately, it can be cultivated into a ten-level Warcraft in the future. Ten-level Warcraft is a beast like you. Then it can become human. Ha ha ha.
Befeimos, is this strange wolf so powerful? Tang Yi took a look at this strange wolf in surprise. I didn’t expect this thing to be high-grade goods. If you listen to Luna’s tone, it should belong to the category of price treasure. Once again, Tang Yi took a look at this strange wolf and said how much it is worth.
What kind of money is it? It’s a valuable treasure. Do you think that in the future, its descendants will be at least World of Warcraft, although they are not pure blood? Do you think people will be stupid enough to sell it?
Is that so? But it’s a valuable treasure. Then Tang Yi finally sighed naively, but it’s valuable again and can’t be taken away. It’s just that it can be changed to another province and several castles, and it’s impossible to exchange it for something. What are you going to do with it?
Lolita, you don’t have a familiar, do you? Sign it quickly, quickly, quickly, hahaha, and Luna eagerly lifted Lolita, who was still in a daze, jumping with her feet and pointing to Bephemos, who was bound by Rikujoukourou.
What are you doing? Did Sister Luna sign the contract? But I’m not ready to summon the magic circle. I’m so sleepy. I yawned. Lolita got up and followed Luna blankly.
Tang Yi San hasn’t paid much attention to it yet, but now Lolita has actually taken off her magic robe. She seems to have been in the room all the time. When will she change clothes? But it’s pleasing to the eye. Lolita is wearing pajamas. Tang Yi San once saw one of them in a video magazine. It’s almost like a shirt with wide cuffs. Black silk cloth is slightly loosely draped around the cuffs, and the white chest is protruding along a pink striped neckline.
Pushed his glasses Tang Yi scattered turned to look at Bei Fei moss still tied to the ground Peng Ouch.
Tang Yi scattered Tan Tan looked at the head of Befeimos to avert suspicion, but suddenly I heard Luna exclaim. When he saw it, now the big lady squatted on the ground clutching her nose and forehead. Where did she moan and groan? But Luna walked in a hurry and hit the ghost wall. Where can I see Luna? She didn’t know that if she broke two layers of pipes, she would bump into Tang Yi, so she forgot to tell them this thing.
Tang, I hate you so much. My nose hurts. Holding my nose, Luna’s wand has already been thrown aside when she is holding her nose. Lolita saw this picture of Luna and immediately covered her mouth with a giggle. The two groups of disproportionate breasts on her chest also trembled endlessly. Just now, that little sleepiness had already gone to nowhere.
Smiling lightly, Tang Yisan stretched out his hand and touched the wall, and now he won’t lift the skill effect. He touched his chest in a hurry and inquired about it, and then the low meditation effect was lifted.
A dim light flashed across the ghost tunnel wall and disappeared. Looking at Beifeimos, he still released the five-pillar iron penetration again. Compared with Rikujoukourou, the enemy needed more strength when struggling, but because this skill was too big and too eye-catching, it was more frequently used by people in Rikujoukourou.
Lolita finally stopped laughing and squatted beside Luna. She touched her nose with one hand and said, "Does Sister Luna still hurt?"
Forget it. Wait a minute. Go and sign a contract with Befeimos. Stare at Tang Yi ruthlessly. Luna covers her forehead and pulls Tang Yi away. She looks at Lolita waving a small magic wand in front of Befeimos and singing magic spells.
On one side Tang Yi looked at Lolita wrapped in black silk pajamas and suddenly felt a little strange. She sang magic spells and couldn’t understand them.
After being summoned to this world, Tang Yi San has never heard of this world language, but now he can not only understand the meaning of their words, but also casually say that they have the same language. If he hadn’t deliberately spoken Chinese, he would have spoken this world language. He felt as if he had come to know this world language, but it was strange that he was himself, but the earth people, which foreign language was strange that he could not only understand it, but also speak it as if he had a translator in his head.
Now Lolita sings magic spells, but she can’t understand them, which makes him a little strange. Luna was able to understand them when she sang spells just now.
Luna, I have a question for you.
Tell me what the problem is, a kind master, and I will answer it. I took a grumpily look at Tang Yi, and Luna snorted and said that it was a familiar but it happened to become human.
Luna hem Tang Yi scattered but heard clearly, and he knew that no matter what he said, it was estimated that this little girl wouldn’t believe it after the opportunity, and then slowly explained what Tang Yi scattered and said, I can understand your language. You know, for you, I am a plane away.
Well, it’s very simple. I’m your master. You can’t understand me. How can I command my pet to fight? Luna blinked and suddenly seemed to think of something. By the way, what kind of magic can you do? I think you seem to have several kinds of magic. Does the beast have a lot of magic?
Again, I’m not a psychic. I want to emphasize again that I’m not Warcraft, or I gave up. Now I emphasize this problem, and I know a lot of magic, well, more than dragons
More than dragons? Luna’s eyes are full of surprises. I can’t believe that my familiar is so arrogant that there are more magic than dragons. You should know that the top race of the dragon continent can’t just refer to the phoenix as the word Warcraft. The dragon has become a separate ethnic group, which is different from the word Warcraft. After all, the real dragons are highly intelligent, and they are even more intelligent and powerful than some humans, which makes the dragon unable to simply belong to the category of Warcraft.
The dragon magic of a huge ethnic group is a world-famous powerful magic, dragon magic and ancient magic all belong to that kind of extraordinary magic, and the number category of dragon magic is no less than that of human magic. It is estimated that there are a thousand kinds of magic, and Tang Yi is so arrogant to say that there are more than dragons, even if he is bragging, that’s a lot.
Laugh so tough that Luna may swallow a mouthful of saliva and look at Tang Yi with flashing eyes. Are you sure there are more dragon magic than dragons, but there are thousands less? Maybe two thousand.
A thousand spells? No more, no more. Well, I often have very little magic now, but the magic adds up to more than two thousand. But those spells need to be prepared. Tang Yi is still singing unknown spells. Lolita touched the bar and said that it is true that all the skills are counted as Tang Yi. It is not impossible to know that the skills add up to ten thousand or even hundreds of thousands. After all, if you can record your brain skills, you may also record your game skills. You know, human imagination is very rich.
Wow, that’s so much. You can’t be lying to me, can you teach me two thousand kinds of magic and listen to Luna’s saliva? Although I think Tang Yi is bragging, he is a god beast. God knows if it’s really so much.
Chapter 31 God I don’t kneel
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Luna, you haven’t told me anything yet. Can I understand your language? Tang Yi saw Luna slow to speak. She gave her a surprised look, but now the big lady looks excited. Her bright brown eyes seem to be shining with bright stars. Her left hand is leaning on a magic wand, and her right index finger is wrapped in a wisp of purple silk. I don’t know what she is thinking.
Well, you can understand our language because of me. Wizards sign contracts. After signing contracts, wizards from other places can be familiar with the language, that is to say, you can understand as many languages as I know. Miss Li is very powerful. Oh, I am familiar with dozens of other languages except some remote languages. How powerful? Luna shook her little fist and emphasized her extraordinary language talent.

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