Jun 5, 2024
The sound is soft and sweet, which makes people feel comfortable.

Meng Fei shook his head slightly, saying, "My hand and invite Yu Jian to arrange her position at will."
Yes, adults come with me. Women turn around and bow their heads slightly. We respectfully lead the way.
Through the usual corridor, Meng Fei was taken into a secret room, and this is the auction venue on the third floor
On both sides of a long table, there are more than a dozen practitioners. Today, when people come in, their eyes converge instantly, and they are rambling, curious and gloomy, but these dozens of practitioners are all true kings.
Meng Fei’s face didn’t change. He found a seat in that woman’s arrangement and bowed his head slightly and remained silent.
The surrounding cultivation has also returned to the line of sight to restore its appearance.
But it was not long before the chamber of secrets door was once again played two breath successively into Meng Fei eyebrows a wrinkly slightly turned to look into the chamber of secrets, the dark face uniting the face unchanged in the heart but could not help but sink slightly.
But at the moment, it seems that the dark face cultivation can’t hide hostility in Meng Fei’s eyes.
At his side is a young man in his twenties who is handsome in cultivation. At this moment, he surrendered to all the people in the room. The Taoist ancestors came to the auction today to make the little nephew and his elders come back. Don’t take him for granted. His smile is warm and his face is permeated with a kind feeling.
Hey, hey, I haven’t seen the little guy for a while, but you’re stronger. Hong Tianxiao, this old guy has given birth to a good grandson. When you get back, remember to say hello to this old guy. An old man dressed in black has a rickety smile, but his face is shriveled and his face is low and sharp, but it looks terrible.
The younger generation must tell my family that I haven’t seen you for a long time, and if I do, I will return you to our Tianchimen as a guest, and answer with a smile.
Hong Tianxiao is going to break through the pity this time, even if it is repaired. It’s a shame that we are still stepping year after year. Another red-faced man shakes his head and faces Nai.
Elder Huang joked that you, the old man, have improved and improved, even compared with your ancestors. How good is it? This arrogant young man’s voice suddenly attracted a burst of laughter
A few people talk. The young man has found a place in the first place with a bad face. This person’s eyes seem to be ordinary in Meng Fei’s body, but Meng Fei is keenly aware of a chill.
His heart suddenly sank. This young man’s cultivation is just the primary ashes. His roots need to be seen in his eyes, but these true gentlemen are kind to him. Obviously, he is a very background person.
Presumably, his ancestral home is the Hong Tianxiao. According to what he heard at the moment, compulsory should be at the peak of Zhenjun.
A read this Meng Fei heart can’t help but frown, sensing the dark face uniting the bitter eyes. His heart can’t help secretly shaking his head. Who would have thought that this could get into trouble?
But his slight inhalation has put some waves in his heart.
Now that things have come to this, even if it is too late to change, then face it frankly.
Although he doesn’t want to get into trouble, it doesn’t mean he is afraid of it.
Meng Fei bowed his head, but his eyes were faint with cold mountain revolutions before he calmed down.
The long table in the Chamber of Secrets is full of people who are old and immortal, and all of them are sophisticated people.
Youth practice still knows some forbearance, but black-faced practice shows all hatred and hostility in their hearts. However, they easily perceive Meng Fei’s subtlety.
It’s these old people who don’t know how to hang up and wait for the auction calmly.
Bit by bit in the past, about half an hour later, three practitioners arrived. Obviously, most of the people in the Chamber of Secrets are familiar with each other and nodded slightly and took a seat.
After another moment, a ruddy-faced and angry old man pushed the door and handed it to all the people, saying, I’m sorry to have kept you Taoist friends waiting. It’s time for our horse auction.
The old man in Baoshan wants you to bring something nice this time. Don’t let us wait for half a day, but we haven’t waited for half a year at the long table.
Ha ha, friends, rest assured that this auction of our cat house will not let everyone down. The old Baoshan man smiled with his eyes swept proudly on both sides and smiled.
Today, most of them are old friends, but some of them are new friends. The auction rules say that auction treasures, crystal or equivalent treasures can be directly entered in the jade card in front of your seat, and the bidding price is high.
Specific matters wait until the auction is not fair, but the old lady will not continue to delay the second auction of the cat house. With a wave of his hand, he waved his hand and the jade plate flashed directly to the long table.
The blue jade plate is quietly placed with a dark red stone, and the fine forbidden runes turn quickly in the stone to seal its breath.
The faces of the Johnson at the long table changed at the same time, but they could feel the breath coming from this stone.
Firestone array takes ten thousand years to compress the power of submarine volcano into a volcano, and it can produce up to ten pieces. Now this stone represents an active mountain, which is a taboo treasure refining method.
But today, this flint comes from an active volcano that is about to erupt. Baoshan’s old man’s eyes swept away. A disposable flint was detonated by the true qi, instantly released and compressed to the extreme strength, which is comparable to the limit. The real gentleman hit the price of one million crystal, and you can get a price.
The first auction attracted the attention of cultivation.
Meng Fei’s eyes rested on the flint heart and secretly lamented that the dead sea area could think that this method of dividing the submarine volcanic power to refine treasures was really amazing because of the poor cultivation resources.
This method was unheard of in the Astral World.
This flint is also a treasure. Even if you have another card in your hand, practicing and killing at the same level is equivalent to being invincible, and you can even reverse the war and save your life in a critical moment.
Of course, this treasure auction attracted many cultivation competitions.
Meng Fei glanced at it and bowed his head again. Although it was good, it was not very attractive to him.
However, the competition for this treasure is still fierce. Every old monster has a jade card in front of him, which means that he can enter his own price, but one party can know it.
Two women around Baoshan old man will report the highest bid price in the low head statistics, so that the auction can consider whether to continue the bid.
This method can hide the identity of the auction to the greatest extent, so that people can know who took the treasure and get into trouble afterwards.
2.13 million Ling Jing female repair light oral report the highest price.
At the long table, many Johnson scowled, their eyes swept around, but they didn’t notice anything strange.
These geeks can hide their own thoughts.

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