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Just give up his heart. If he has increased the price, Fu Chen really won’t talk to me. Isn’t this really pushing the family to the point of perdition?

Yi Lee struggled in his mind.
The safety of the small family is a big deal. Besides, we will show them the plan for the Fu family immediately, and the Fu family will be finished.
Endure a moment’s humiliation, and if you can’t bear it, you will make great plans.
After some struggle, in the end, he still put the interests of the family first, and he dared not let go because Yi Lee could not afford to lose.
Don’t look at Fu Chen’s surface. He doesn’t care about anything. I don’t know that Fu Chen thought for a moment in Yi Lee as if he had spent a day. If Yi Lee raised the price, then Fu Chen could fight.
Because Fu Chen can’t put his brothers and sisters in the abyss of robbery.
Seeing that Yi Lee didn’t increase the price, he breathed a sigh of relief and knew that the overall situation had been decided by the Li family. Then everyone would scold the Li family for bullying and I, Fu Jiaze, acted as a heroic hero.
Fu Chen so calculating the heart finally comfortable point five million less breath.
That’s five million. Is it really worth it?
At this time, if someone increases the price after Fu Chen picks up Yi Lee, it means that the Fu family can not pass. Besides, the price of 5 million is not affordable for ordinary people.
No other forces in Zhongyuan City dare to shake the Fu family face to face.
Fu Chen is contemplating how to spend the money with his grandfather Fu Haotian at this time. If it is a bad thing, it will definitely make grandpa unhappy.
Feifei was shocked to see Fu Chen Yi Lee. After a while, Fu Chen motioned for her to return to absolute being. It seems that Fu Chen bought Qingqing at this price. She was surprised because this price was the lowest in her estimation.
Blame it on Yi Lee, the f * * king, who is too ignorant to generally want family forces to forcibly buy him. He deserves a heart, and he has a little affection for Fu Chen, but it’s just a little bit.
Sandy jade hand picked up a small hammer and even asked three people whether the price increase was still finally hammered.
Five million bought the stunning beauty Wu Qingqing for her first night. This is not in Sheng Baotang’s calculation. They estimated that the price of Wu Qingqing should be six million. This time, even Feifei regarded Fu Chen with special respect.
The timing is clever, but is it lucky to buy Qingqing at such a low price, or has he already calculated all this?
Feifei shook her head. It must be that this guy is lucky. I don’t believe him, but he can find the right time like this.
Fu Chen breathed a sigh of relief. If he hadn’t quickly put the price on the table and added the shrimp bit by bit, it might take two million taels to get it then.
It was Fu Chen who first shocked the crowd and let those hecklings know that from the moment we waited for my price, this battle was not for you, but for our four family wars.
It would be a disgrace to come in beyond one’s capacity.
Those people dare not intervene in the battle of the four big families even with money, because compared with these super big families, they are small ants, and it is really easy to trample them to death.
But even Fu Chen can save 4 million and 2 million, but the huge auction of 5 million will make him have a headache for a while.
How to treat grandpa?
At this moment, the gate of Chengbaotang suddenly drove away two people. After seeing it, Fu Chen immediately secretly shouted that this time my life was over. Oh, my God.
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Chapter 45 The treacherous and insidious little fellow is sent to the third place
Chapter 45 The treacherous and insidious little fellow is sent to the third place
Although Fu Chen spent 5 million to redeem Wu Qingqing’s life happiness, he didn’t feel too happy.
After all, there is no other idea in his heart. Of course, thousands of people present will not recognize that he is depressed and spend 5 million taels of silver to buy such a pure and unique girl. He can’t help but come with a smile in his heart.
Anyway, there are still some other ideas in Fu Chen’s mind. It’s easy to get the moon first. Maybe after Wu Qingqing, she can really become my woman
Thought of here, he decided to let Wu Qingqing stay with him as a maid and replace the damn Xiao You with such luxury as Fu Chen.
He felt much better when he thought of this. Anyway, it is also a kind of enjoyment to be a beautiful girl around him.
But I’m afraid a few people can do it in Zhongyuan City, and Fu Chen is one of them.
Fu Chen was lying on the railing on the second floor, looking at the auction table. Wu Qingqing was thinking of crashing the door of Shengbaotang to his master when the money went.
Fu Chen number such as thousands of eyes turned to look.
In the center of the gate, the gorgeous charm of women makes it beautiful and extremely beautiful, and it is not lost to Wu Qingqing at the auction table.
This woman is Xiao You, the last person Fu Chen wants to see.

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