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Blood sword dancing burst into a horrible breath, and lotus flower was blocked and crunchy for a while, but I couldn’t resist Gu Yue.

"Good sword is just a fairy, relying on this sword can actually compete with my’ blood moon bead’ sword in your hand; It’s really my fault; "
Gu Yue’s bloody sword blocked the thousands of real people from attacking the thousands of real people, and instead of being surprised, he looked at the bloody sword eyes and the fine mans fairy yuan rolling into the blood moon beads; The lotus flower is like a surging wave rushing towards Gu Yue.
Lotus flower is spread continuously, and the sky is filled with red light. Gu Yue has avoided a desperate and powerful breath, and even Gu Yue feels an irresistible despair from the bottom of his heart.
"Is this the power of the strong in Jin Xian?"
The powerful momentum swept through Gu Yue and felt like the sea. It’s hard enough not to be overwhelmed by the momentum, let alone resist.
"Blood kills sword, blood kills"
Gu Yue was suppressed by the breath of Jin Xian, a real person with a thousand worlds, and almost resisted, but there were many treasures in her body. Gu Yue, after all, was extraordinary. Her body JingXie boiled like a flame, and her blood was shining brightly over the blood moon beads. A sharp firm but gentle shot at the real person with a thousand worlds.
Thousand Realities Real Roots didn’t expect that Gu Yue still had the resistance to quench, and missed the shock wave to attack the key, but his arm was still smashed with blood, which was very embarrassing.
"Little bitch, how dare you hurt me?
Thousands of real people are furious and hurt by an angel, which makes him feel as if he has been greatly humiliated. If a thousand real people don’t hesitate, their breath will explode, and the earth will be like a raging river, and they will continue to press towards the ancient moon. At the same time, they will be able to shine brilliantly and melt thousands of sharp shock waves.
In Jin Xian, the enemy’s ferocity, Gu Yue root, didn’t have much resistance, and the bloody shock wave fell on her body surface, and several wounds immediately appeared bloody and miserable.
Thousand realms of reality is the chance to take a palm like the wind to unexpectedly take Gu Yue hand to the front directly in hand; Have a happy face
"You can go to die."
Thousands of real people with blood sword fondle admiringly look at Gu Yue eyes than cold.
A cold drink nbsp; Lotus flower blazing like a huge blood moon Teng heaven and earth are a lotus flower misty towards Gu Yue cover.
"run away"
Seeing this scene being suppressed by the immortal Haorizong in the distance is miserable. Dan Yuan and others exclaimed. br/ >
However, the reality of Qianjie is a powerful treasure of Jin Xianxiu’s blood moon beads. If Gu Yue can block the moment when this blood moon shoots bloody shock wave, it has reached the front of Gu Yue. The sharp sword has already cracked Gu Yue’s delicate skin.
Gu Yue’s eyes were desperate and he didn’t escape, but he didn’t resist anything. Instead, he pushed out the fairy hall full of people’s evil in the direction of Dan Yuan.
She knows that she is still alive, but the evil fairy temple nbsp; But it can’t fall into the hands of thousands of real people >
"The Hall of Evil Immortals"
There has been no beginning GeHao see Gu Yue launched to the evil fairy temple exclaimed a finally irrepressible bronze chariots rumbling towards Gu Yue launched to the evil fairy temple.
This is a tempting treasure of the immortal imperial city, which is more precious to Ge Hao personally than a mysterious world. How can he let go of such a treasure?
See GeHao also moved brother Danzong eyes color.
Ge Hao and the real people in Qianjie are both Jin Xianwei, and one person can sweep the ancient home and the mysterious world. At this time, the root of the two people is to fight back.
Not only will the evil fairy hall fall into Ge Hao’s hands; Gu Yue is also in danger.
"Get out of here."
However, just when the Danzong people were desperate, there was a terrible roar at the entrance to the mysterious world, and the hurricane rolled up violently, which even made the true fairy and the strong blow their bodies unstable.
Looking back, Qianjie reality and Gehao consciousness saw a burning flame outside the Xuan world rushing fiercely along the way. It is more miserable than the body incineration field if the immortals, whether true or fairy, encounter it a little.
"Who is it?"
Ge Hao and others have thought about this idea, but the burning flame has already rushed into the ancient metaphysics.
The fire is blazing in its path, and the phoenix figure and figure are as red as blood, and the figure on the back seems to be illusory, and the figure is tall and straight with all the anger and red eyes.
As soon as the blood phoenix croaked, there was a lotus flower gushing out with majesty and landed beside Gu Yue. Suddenly, the thousand realms of reality disappeared directly with firm but gentle shock.
"dragon catcher"
When the blood phoenix solved the crisis in Gu Yue, Xia Qi also took advantage of Gehao’s horror to capture the dragon hand and cast it out in a golden light. He crossed Gehao and pushed Gu Yue out to the evil fairy hall and grabbed it in his hand >
"Dare to rob my evil fairy temple, you are dying."
To still have some stuck GeHao see evil fairy temple was robbed immediately wake up and look at the dragon catcher swept away evil fairy temple eyes are red BaoHou a desperate towards the dragon catcher to kill.
How can you be willing to lose Gehao when you are close at hand?
"Blood phoenix killed all the Haorizong people here for me, leaving no one behind. If you can do it, I don’t need you to stay with me for 1000 years and 500 years."
Xia Qi returned to his hand in an instant with all his anger; The hall of evil immortals is almost crazy in Gehao; Directly received by Xia Qi; He put away the evil fairy temple and said to riding a blood phoenix cold
"Well, that’s what you said."
After all, she is in a state of soul, and every time she makes a move, it is extremely difficult to supplement her soul energy, but after hearing Xia Qi’s words, her eyes are exhausted.
It is a piece of cake for her to kill a group of immortals and the strong in Jin Xian with the strength of Xianwang now. Such a simple thing can reduce her stay in Xia Qi for 500 years, which is a good thing for her.
"Shout …"

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