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Understand the armor through Guo Xiaosi, and also know how to armor. After the shock, Guo Xiaosi Bai wants this armor, he must first refine it, just like refining the sapphire sword.

When Guo Xiaosi hurried to sit on the real fire of Samadhi, the armor was tempered by the real fire, and at the same time, his mark was put into the armor. When Guo Xiaosi finished refining, the armor was immediately attached to Guo Xiaosi without waiting for Guo Xiaosi to move it, and then it was hidden.
When Guo Xiaosi knew the name of this armor, he immediately knew the name of the armor. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also knew the efficacy of the armor. Guo Xiaosi was not surprised by this. These were all over.
Explosive armour Guo Xiaosi once again looked in the palace and found nothing when preparing to leave this time. Guo Xiaosi didn’t know that thousands of cultivation immortals had gathered outside the peach blossom forest.
The speed of cultivating immortals and finding treasure really quickly reached the depths of osawa in Taiyue, and at the same time, they also found this unique valley. When these immortals rushed on their way, they were afraid that people would step forward.
When they arrived at the Peach Blossom Valley, they could have seen two people practicing Liumei Liujian. One of them asked Xiuxian what you two were doing here and didn’t enter the Peach Blossom Forest.
Liu Mei Liu Jian was interrupted and looked at the dense cultivation of immortals in front of him. When Bai was not angry, he quickly said, "My fellow travelers are here for treasure hunting. I found that the aura here is very strong and I sat here practicing and paused. Liu Jianlu was embarrassed and said," It’s a pity that we can’t see through the mystery of this forest and dare not break into it.
Well, after hearing what Liu Jian said, all the immortals have looked at this peach blossom forest one after another. It is really different here. Generally, there is some profound law in the peach blossom forest.
When all the immortals saw Liu Mei Liu Jian, it was just a matter of time. When both of them were right, they put the people aside and silently studied the array so as to get into the array first and make themselves the first person to eat crabs.
Others don’t believe that this peach blossom forest is fierce, so there are more than one or two people, but more than a dozen.
Other people who are not sure are also happy to see these people try their way to see if they can cross here and see how bad this array is.
Before waiting for a moment, the forest came to scream, and everyone gave up their contempt and silently observed the law here. Since people are here, it is certain that the law inside is not a general small law. It must be based on the peach blossom forest in this valley. If you don’t know the law at all, you will die if you go in.
For a moment, many people in the same village got together to discuss the law in the peach blossom forest according to the sects.
Liu Mei Liu Jian saw that the two men looked at each other and quietly waited for Guo Xiaosi to come.
Guo Xiaosi walked in armor for a long time, only to find that he had never been attacked by law and never got caught up in it. Guo Xiaosi came to a conclusion. I’m afraid the law here still recognizes people or stipulates that people recognize people. Simply put, it means recognizing things. Guo Xiaosi gets explosive armor. I’m afraid it’s this thing. I’m afraid it’s difficult to get in and it’s easy to make specific regulations.
Guo Xiaosi’s previous guess is correct. The array here is aimed at those who don’t explode, and those who don’t explode will enjoy the array feast, which can also be regarded as the Lord.
Just as we were about to leave the Peach Blossom Forest, Guo Xiaosi found that people had poured into the Peach Blossom Forest and stayed out of trouble. Guo Xiaosi flew to prepare for the trip to Guo Xiaosi. In fact, the biggest worry was that these people intercepted themselves and wanted to snatch the treasures of their own laws. Guo Xiaosi knew all about these hypocritical cultivation, but they were all wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Because of the explosive armor, Guo Xiaosi easily came to Peach Blossom Forest to summon Wu Peng to meet him, and then fled to Peach Blossom Forest in the opposite direction. Guo Xiaosi didn’t want to go back. Although Liu Mei Liu Jian was waiting for him there, he also knew that Liu Jian actually wanted to wait and see if he wanted to see what he had got.
Since so many people cultivate immortality and pour into this peach blossom forest, Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to stay too much. Let them admit that they have died in it, even if they can make up an excuse when they meet.
Guo Xiaosi wants to have a rest in Pingfeng City and then go to Thailand and osawa to see Guo Xiaosi. He feels that there must be more treasures waiting for himself or waiting for his inkstone. Guo Xiaosi didn’t give up on these treasures and didn’t want to think about why so many treasures were sealed and could rely on inkstone.
For these Guo Xiaosi don’t want to know too much, just need to get good things. For Guo Xiaosi now, it is the best mentality to block the water and flood the soil.
Stay in Peach Blossom Forest Liu Mei Liu Jian doesn’t know that Guo Xiaosi intends to Liu Mei still praying for Guo Xiaosi to come safely. Liu Jian is thinking about whether Guo Xiaosi has broken the array or not, and whether it will be killed.
And from Wu Peng’s back to Guo Xiaosi’s encounter with the mysterious and mysterious things, there is a passage in his mind from wearing explosive armor to walking in the peach blossom forest.
At the same time, Guo Xiaosi knows some simple information from this passage, but from these simple information, Guo Xiaosi knows that many others don’t know anecdotes.
Chapter three hundred and sixty Return to Peach Blossom Valley
Chapter three hundred and sixty Return to Peach Blossom Valley
Just as Guo Xiaosi took Wupeng to make a detour and returned to Pingfeng City to rest, his head suddenly felt inexplicable and severe pain. Before Guo Xiaosi could resist, he plunged from Wupeng to the ground
Master Wu Peng saw this and hurried to Guo Xiaosi’s side, anxiously looking at Guo Xiaosi, who had been hiding in Guo Xiaosi’s arms, and Xiaobai kept calling Guo Xiaosi. They couldn’t figure out what happened to Guo Xiaosi.
Then Guo Xiaosi took a red light and sat cross-legged. It seems that Wu Peng Xiaobai is not clear about what happened in Guo Xiaosi. Seeing this situation, Guo Xiaosi has no consciousness at the moment and must be protected.
Wu Peng Xiao Bai’s IQ is limited to them. When they are nearby, even the animals and spirits work together to dig a cave in the nearby mountains, and then carefully move Guo Xiaosi into the cave. Then Wu Peng Xiao Bai will watch Guo Xiaosi’s red light silently beside Guo Xiaosi.
What is this place? Why am I here? At this time, Guo Xiaosi found himself in the dark, wondering and looking around, and Guo Xiaosi wondered how he got here.
This is your spiritual perception, that is, you know the sea. Suddenly, a sound echoed in this darkness. Guo Xiaosi tried to distinguish the position of the sound, but he couldn’t catch it. It seemed to be based on the present.
Lingjue knows the sea. Who are you? Why am I here? Guo Xiaosi is afraid of playing drums when he hears this sound. He doesn’t know what’s going on. How did he suddenly come here and know the sea? Guo Xiaosi Bai is to cultivate immortality and practice gv 10, which is also the field of Lingjue, that is, his head.
Ssangyong inkstone heir, this is my attachment to the knowledge of the explosive armor. The sound rings again and seems to answer Guo Xiaosi’s voice. It seems to continue to tell me that I am a nine-day virtual fairy. When the magic emperor launched the fairy war, people became purgatory, and Qi Xin, the immortal family, finally sealed the magic emperor.
Guo Xiaosi heard the word gnosis and knew that it was just a legacy left by others. There was no gnosis to protect the words.
When Guo Xiaosi stopped interrupting and listened quietly, I couldn’t stay in the fairy house for a long time, so I left Shuanglong inkstone to help you subdue the demon and get rid of the demon. At the same time, the guarantor was peaceful. At the same time, the magic emperor was strong and could seal him, so he couldn’t finish killing the magic emperor. When the seal day is broken, it will start a war again to provoke the fairy war, while Shuanglong inkstone left you to go to the magic emperor’s seal from time to time to get what I left for you. At the same time, I must not let the magic emperor break the array after the seal.
At the same time, you should keep in mind that the love of heaven and the love of the dragon may increase your power, but it will change some of your features, but you should remember not to fall into the magic road, remember humanity and remember.
By the time Guo Xiaosi heard these words, the sound had gradually disappeared, and then Guo Xiaosi felt that he was full of suction around him and had retreated from the sea of knowledge before he could respond.
When Guo Xiaosi opened his eyes, he found himself in a cave. Wu Peng Xiaobai was quietly guarding him.
Master, when you wake up, you see Guo Xiaosi’s eyes open, Wu Peng and Xiaobai hurriedly ask whether they are loyal to Guo Xiaosi because they are not human.

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