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Guo Xiaosi is contemplating that he has reached the cave, and Johnson should also hear their dialogue. Supposedly, he will come at once and then pick up the two demons in the Dan period. Unfortunately, this dialogue is over, but Johnson still has no signs of blood, and he still can’t feel the master in the trail. Is this old monster playing with himself, Guo Xiaosi, and dying? If Johnson leaves before this blood, then he will be in danger. Even if he has a few magic weapons, it will be useless.

You can get my life with your two brothers. Haha, it’s a big joke, and you’re not afraid to fall off your Chu family’s double demon title. Guo Xiaosi burst out laughing. He is also procrastinating at present, so let the two Chuwenwei brothers kill him at this moment, so it’s really a slap in the face.
What? Chu Wenwei doesn’t believe his ears. We two experts in the Dan-knot period can’t even put our heads together. Your rotation period is small. Hehehe. You are making rapid progress and are close to the Dan-knot period. But I’m afraid you don’t know how big the gap is between the Dan-knot period and the Dan-knot period.
Second don’t have to talk to him long-winded Jin Guangsuo took him is silent ChuWenyi suddenly cold hum a..
Guo Xiaosi was anxious when he suddenly heard the bloody Johnson say in his ear, "Fly three feet further and lead them there. I’m talking to you in secret. They can’t hear you."
Guo Xiaosi, a lifesaver, didn’t say much about this sentence, because Chu Wenwei had offered a magic weapon over there, a golden lock the size of a glittering house was floating in the middle, and the longer it was, the bigger the trend was. Chu Wenwei shouted at it.
The golden lock whizzed toward Guo Xiaosi’s head and pressed to Guo Xiaosi, but it would have driven Ling Cuiyu to fly forward rapidly and sacrificed the magic turtle shell. All four illusions were shot backward at the same time, which made it difficult for Chu brothers to tell which one was the truth.
But Chu Wenyi sneered at a captive flying and posted that golden lock, which seemed to be intuitive and generally pressed against Guo Xiaosi. At the same time, the two devils also chased after each other to prepare to take Guo Xiaosi at a stroke.
Chasing for more than three feet, I saw that the huge golden lock was about to be pressed against Guo Xiaosi, and the faces of Chu Wenwei’s brothers were also proud. After they put this magic golden lock into use, they could become huge, but they would not kill each other for a while and catch their opponents alive.
At the moment, the purpose of the two Chu brothers is to capture Guo Xiaosi alive and then refine him into a puppet art that his mother has been waiting for for a long time. It is said that the puppet art is still their master, the bridled Johnson, and it was not until a month ago that Chu Wenyi turned it over and immediately got the treasure. However, this puppet art is said that some materials can be used to refine the puppet beast, the puppet bird as an attack object, and of course, in the end, people will also be refined into a puppet secret art. However, it takes a lot of money to refine the puppet in China, but the two brothers are attracted by the power of the puppet people, and they
When the golden lock was about to fall to Guo Xiaosi, suddenly a big hand was stretched out, which turned out to be a big hand. When it was caught by this big hand, it immediately dissipated the golden light and turned back to the first small golden lock. What surprised Guo Xiaosi, a brother of Chu family, was that the big hand was half an arm but now a finger was as thick as a big tree.
It’s Fang Yaoren who dares to take away your magic weapon. Chu Wenwei was surprised and angry and couldn’t help but huff and ask
But the words sound just fell around the two of them, but suddenly there were a few such big hands waving at them mercilessly. Two huge hands coming from opposite directions seemed to make the two men into patties.
Bad in this little trick, the second child, go. Chu Wenyi knows that it’s not good, and then he thinks of Guo Xiaosi’s unhurried when he leads them over. He immediately thinks of his brother, I’m afraid he’s been hit by this little thief’s law. It’s obviously a sign that he can only show his huge palm in some kind of law. It’s a question of how his brother’s urging law can seize their magic weapon. Chu Wenyi also doesn’t want to think much about it. At this moment, it’s the best to escape from this law first.
Chu Wenwei also wanted to entangle and scold some dirty words, but suddenly he heard a shout. The two little dolls of Chu’s family are also worthy of being called Uncle Sir Zhong in front of the old man.
Chu Wenwei is very familiar with this sound, but he can’t remember where he heard it at the moment, while Chu Wenyi is a forward-looking man with trembling lips.
Chu Wenyi’s face changed greatly with the familiar sound of the ring. Chu Wenwei also closed his previous chattering face and looked extremely frightened. When he came to Guo Xiaosi, he looked at the expressions of the two devils in Chu’s house. The reason for this suddenly changed. Johnson’s hatred seems to be not as deep as usual. Probably, when they were in the life-and-death situation, it was like fire and water to beat and scold each other’s brothers. As the saying goes, beating dogs depends on the owner’s face. They punish each other’s brothers, but they are unwilling to give it to the right side. Since people advised them not to share the same
I’m afraid the two brothers of Chu family were punished by Johnson, who turned to blood. At the moment, they were scared to death at the sound of his voice. It seems that the two brothers can’t escape death today.
You two young people remember the old-fashioned sound, hehe, good, good, and the bloody Johnson laughed. At the same time, he appeared negligently, and there was no flying machine not far behind the Chu brothers, but the individual was flying in the middle and showed no signs of decline.
This is practicing the imperial flight in the realm of gasification God. Guo Xiaosi is confused. In this realm of refining refined gas, cultivating immortality is all about controlling aircraft flight, but I heard that cultivating immortality in a higher realm can actually fly in the air without the help of aircraft. At this moment, it is like flying in the air.
When Chuwenyi heard Johnson say this, he settled himself a little. Although he was strict with his fellow disciples in those days, it was only because he was quarrelling with his master, Johnson with bridled eyebrows. At this moment, he has entered the realm of practicing gasification, but he will not be difficult with his fellow students. Worse still, he was a demon Sect middleman, and there was no reason to help that Changhuai Sect.
Shi Shuyin’s nephews remember clearly that they gave Shi Shu a blessing. The two brothers, Chu Wenyi and Chu Wenwei, quickly kowtowed and got up. It was disgusting to talk about these words.
I don’t think it’s strange that I heard so many compliments when I was in Magic Sect, but I sneered and laughed more than squeal, which made Guo Xiaosi feel creepy. I laughed and roared, "What’s the achievement method? Your master, the bridled Johnson, almost killed the old man’s life. It took me ten years to get the old man’s achievement method back from the cardiac period to the Dan period. It took you two to repay your master’s great hatred today."
Chu Wenyi’s face changed and he kowtowed and pounded garlic in panic. Teacher Shu Jian Shi Shu Jian Shi Shu Jian Shi, this thing really shouldn’t be done. My nephews also think that the master is too cruel. Please don’t take it out on my brother and spare my brother’s life. My brother is grateful to Uncle Shu and dare not violate it at all.
Chu Wenwei hit his head twice, but he proudly said that Uncle Shi was angry with our brother because of Master. We dare not complain about Uncle Shi, but if Uncle Shi wants to help Chang Huai Zong to punish our brother Uncle Shi, it is absolutely wrong.
Oh, tell me, I shouldn’t help him kill you, Johnson asked with a sneer.
Chu Wenwei ignored Chu Wenyi’s expression of eyes and went on to say, "Martial Uncle, I am a master. This is because our brothers know that Master has done this to Martial Uncle, and it really shouldn’t be our brother’s doing this. But Martial Uncle’s personal relationship is also a magic Sect. To help the master of Changhuai Sect kill us, we shouldn’t blame our martial uncle, but we should destroy this Changhuai Sect."
Humming blood, Johnson snorted. Do I have to be taught by your brother? You know he is a disciple of Changhuai Sect, but you don’t know that his eyes are already my cousin. I tell you that you have deliberately hurt my brother these days, and I have long wanted to find fault. Now it is good that you have found my abode of fairies and immortals. If I let you go back alive and be known by your old ghost master, wouldn’t you look down on me even more?
It’s also true that Johnson changed blood. He just gave Guo Xiaosi a tribute and can also be a master of Guo Xiaosi. Although Guo Xiaosi didn’t kowtow to recognize the teacher, Johnson changed blood and blocked the mouths of the Chu brothers at the moment, but it was still very good.
Let’s talk about a ghost broadsword in hand. It is the most common weapon among the people in the Magic Sect, but this ghost broadsword is different from the ordinary brother’s ghost broadsword. This is a middle-ranking instrument that reaches the position of protecting the left and right. Their weapons are all refined into magic weapons. A sword is by no means an ordinary ghost broadsword.
Chuwenyi’s face was gray and he kept kowtowing, but Chuwenwei was angry. As soon as he stood up, he also took a ghost-headed broadsword from his back pocket and shouted at the bloody monster. "We respect you as a martial uncle and refuse to be your enemy. You old man didn’t even think of kinship and insisted on killing us, but we couldn’t do nothing to kill the boss. Let’s fight with this old man."
Guo Xiaosi saw that they were at loggerheads and simply retreated to one side and let them fight for themselves and be a spectator.
Chu Wenyi still didn’t let go of their meaning when he saw the blood-turning Johnson. As Chu Wenwei got up, he stopped talking and took out the ghost broadsword. Chu Wenwei changed these two ghost broadswords into hundreds of small ghost broadswords, and then after a cry, the hundreds of ghost knives attacked at the blood-turning Johnson.
His two brothers’ ghost swords are also magic weapons, so it is not a complete victory to strike together.
I can’t chew the blood. Johnson sneers at the ghost broadsword in one hand, but it changes. Nine skulls come to form a circle. In front of Johnson, he keeps spinning and moving around the circle. A cold wind suddenly rises, followed by a faint black fog.
Chapter two hundred and seventy Unwilling to learn from master
Chu brothers, the hundreds of small ghost knives split sharply, so dense that they are like locusts all over the sky. I don’t know how many times more powerful it is than Guo Xiaosi’s wind blade flag. If it is not the top defense magic weapon, it is unlikely to resist the Chu brothers’ strength in the Dan period. This move alone makes Guo Xiaosi’s heart cool. Although his magic turtle shell can turn into four illusions, it is also a good thing that this secret ghost knife has fallen.
Here, however, Johnson turned his ghost knife into nine skulls to form a circle and spread light black fog around the circle, which didn’t look like a defensive circle, but I didn’t know that Johnson would fight like this. Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help worrying.

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